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This P-Pleaser has been designed for anal and prostate stimulation. The 2 stretchy ring shapes can be used to enhance the erection, operating as cock and ball rings. The largest opening is 36 mm and is meant for the scrotum. The smallest opening is 31 mm and is meant for the penis. The P-Pleaser is ..
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For anyone looking to explore new anal sensations alone or with a partner! Anal Adventures provides many options to choose from. This ball and vibrating C-Ring with a high powered single speed bullet offers a combination of sensations and longer-lasting pleasure. The Ultrasilk Silicone, with its sil..
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This toy is a must-have addition to your collection because you can use it as a cockring or for anal play, alone or with a partner.The vibrating cockring, by restricting blood flow, provides a long-lasting and stronger erection with an intense orgasm as the climax. You can try the vibrating anal bal..
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