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The CRUIZR CM06 masturbator is a discreet penis stimulator with 10 different vibration settings. Twist the cap off the top and discover the soft flexible sleeve with a vaginal opening. It has a studded and ribbed interior and feels lifelike. The sleeve is removable so you can clean it easily. Press ..
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Μπείτε βαθιά μέσα στην καυτή Alexis και αυτή με την σειρά της, θα φροντίσει με το λαχταριστό αιδοίο της, να σας στραγγίξει μέχρι τελευταίας σταγόνας!To Hot Chocolate Alexis, διαθέτει άνοιγμα αιδοίου για προσομοίωση, ενώ έχει λειτουργία δόνησης χάρη στο προσθαφαιρούμενο bullet που διαθέτει, ..
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Sweet Rose is always ready to please! Her life-sized form is soft and yielding, with two canals for both vaginal and anal play. Sweet Rose also comes with a multi-speed vibrator, to magnify sensation as you slide in and out of her sensually ribbed holes! The vibe is controlled by a convenient twist-..
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Add lube, stroke, rinse and repeat. This Happy Ending Pussy stroker has a realistic look and feel that is reusable. The long lasting stroker has a tight textured tunnel that is super stretchy and waterproof. Use the sleeve independently or in the cup. Easy to use and easy to clean. Body safe and pht..
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Enjoy the feeling of a blowjob with the vibrating blowjob simulator from the Boners collection. This stylish masturbator is provided with a powerful motor with 10 different vibration settings. The settings are easy to operate with the buttons at the base. The masturbator is made of soft silicone and..
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The MSTRB8 Vibrating Oral pack "Lip Service" includes a stroker, a waterproof bullet for the vibrations and 3 penis rings.The sleeve has a tight textured tunnel for a lifelike feel and optimum stimulation.It is super stretchy to fit any man.With the included C rings the experience can last longer.MS..
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Ζήστε έντονες στιγμές διέγερσης και ικανοποίησης με τις αγαπημένες σας πορνοστάρ, χάρη στην σειρά Fleshlight Girls! Σταματήστε απλά να φαντασιώνεστε και ζήστε μια ρεαλιστική εμπειρία διείσδυσης στην αχόρταγη γαζέλα Nicole Aniston.H καλιφορνέζα καλλονή που στάζει σεξουαλικότητα, είναι ένα από τα ..
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The Michelle Lazara  Masturbator is a realistic looking and feeling masturbator which is provided with both a vaginal and anus opening. This masturbator is shaped like deliciously full buttocks and is made of TPR  which feels soft but firm. Both openings feature ribbing on the inside ..
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Απολαύστε αυθεντική αίσθηση κολπικής επαφής και εκρηκτικές εκσπερματίσεις άνευ προηγουμένου με αυτό το αυνανιστήρι αιδοίου!Διαθέτει ρεαλιστικό άνοιγμα αιδοίου με απαλή αίσθηση και είναι σε εντελώς λευκό ουδέτερο χρώμα. Το εσωτερικό του είναι διαμορφωμένο με κουκκίδες για ακό..
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The CRUIZR CM05 masturbator is a discrete penis stimulator that offers 3 different sucking settings and 3 thrusting speeds. Both features can be used separately. Twist the cap off the top and discover the soft, flexible sleeve with a vaginal opening. It has a studded interior and feels lifelike. The..
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