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The Hyperion Remote is a powerful couples stimulator with a stylish wireless remote controller. Both the stimulator and the remote are made of body safe silicone, both are rechargeable. The motor is located in the ribbed clitoris stimulator and offers 3 levels of steady vibrations and 9 different rh..
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The Spiral Twist is a vibrator with a flexible shaft that has a spiraling pattern on it, made of body safe silicone, and rechargeable. The motor offers 3 levels of steady vibrations and 9 different rhythms. The Spiral Twist vibrator also has an escalating mode, which works as a turbo boost for the..
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In style with the other toys of the Midnight Magic label, Typhon is all black with a chrome coloured detail at the base. Made of Liquid Silicone, this duo vibrator is silky soft to the touch and the buttons are easy to find in their metal coated ABS button area. Typhon has a soft tip and a curved sh..
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